Muzala Yamfwa, 21, is currently attending the University of Waterloo pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree. His engagement in past and present extra-curricular activities ranges from music, sports, fitness and health to global development. Throughout high school and university he has been a part of a number of clubs, councils and has taken on many volunteer opportunities as well.

For a two year period Muzala volunteered at North York General Hospital where he received the Isabel A. King 2013 Volunteer Scholarship for his efforts. He has also been a volunteer in various physiotherapy clinics such as Grand River Sports Medicine and SOS physiotherapy and volunteered within the University of Waterloo's anatomy lab. Being a team player, constantly learning, striving for new personal goals and staying active are a top priority in Muzala's day to day life.

Most recently, Muzala has become an athletic leader at Grand River Hospital within the Hardy Hearts program. He has also taken on a new role as a marketing intern at Ivy Hockey Canada. As a part of Solar for Life, Muzala hopes to find new ways to proactively contribute to the global community. Do not hesitate to smile and stir up a conversation if you run into him!